Bobbing For Apples

With another grade eight class in F.E. Madill. Mr. Westra’s 8A class. The two classes got together in one of the gyms on Halloween to have a bobbing for apples duel. We didn’t just do this because it is a classic Halloween game, but we also collected the data and used it for a math project! Although the original plan was to have fun while doing math, but the class who won also got the bragging rights until the next challenge. This project was used for our math unit on data, we would collect all the information and put it into a Google spreadsheet, but of course with graphs!


Based on the charts and my graphs 8B won the BFA challenge. I know this because in Part A 8B won a significant more amount of apples, 8B won 28 and 8A won 12. In part B the frequency for 8B was higher than the frequency for 8A. 8B had their time frequency under 50 seconds for every duel, while 8A had times go all the way from 0 seconds to 1 minute 26 seconds! In question 7 I know 8B won because they had a higher mean and median. 8B had 4 as their mean, and 3 as their median, although 8A had 1.71 as their mean, and 2 as their median. In question 8 8A had a higher mean than 8B because 8A took longer to get their first apple then 8B did. The average (mean) of 8A was 33.86 and 8B had an average of 17.71, therefore 8B won the BFA challenge!

Although 8A and 8B fought for the bragging rights for the BFA challenge we all knew that there could only be one class that won. We all knew that it would probably be 8B! 8B had a method of putting your head underwater far enough to grasp the apple and pull it up the side to get it out in enough time to win that duel. Now a method of 8A thats a different story! But I do know that 8B has won the ultimate BFA challenge and bragging rights!

Both classes fought hard to win the BFA challenge, But there could only be one winner. Both classes know that the ultimate winner was… 8B!


Comparisons With A Class 2700 kms Apart

With a class 2700 kilometers apart F.E. Madill of Wingham, Ontario and J.H.Kerr of Snow Lake, Manitoba are back for yet another great year in the Idea Hive! For those who don’t know the Idea Hive is a website where two classes cooperatively collaborate together in everyday class work. I’m Savannah and I have been in the Idea Hive for two years now! This year we have many new students from different schools and classes. Mrs. Durnin and Mr. Fisher have a lot of fun and exciting new stuff, including the survey we do at the start of every year to find out what we all have in common! Is that not a great way to start the new school year?

Something I have in common with most people is we all have Facebook as our favorite website. For example, Kassie, Jessica, Logan, and Madisyn from Snow Lake. On Facebook I like to be able to share my thoughts with friends, and play games.

Something I have in common with only a few people is that we like volley-ball, such as Tayla, and Alexandra. H. My favorite part of volley-ball is being able to work as a team, While not letting the ball hit the ground.

Something that is unique about me is, I am the only one with two goats and a horse. We got a horse early spring. The only way my brother and dad said that we could use “his machinery” barn is if he got something out of it. Voila! As soon as we were able to fix it up in came to little goats, and a foal.


Somebody who is most like me from Snow Lake is Tayla. We both like to play volleyball, and we both would like to be a teacher. I think being a teacher would be interesting.  I like to help people learn and collaborate in an educational way, Meanwhile still making it fun.

Although we live in different Provinces we are all very much the same. Whether it’s playing sports, activities after school, or the internet. We all have that one thing that makes us all relatively the same. What time of the year is most beautiful in Snow Lake?